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FlaggerJoe is a safety sign system that has been approved by the United States Federal Highway Administration. It also meets the MASH crash test criteria, making it one of the safest ways to flag traffic. FlaggerJoe is available in various configurations to meet state requirements like having a quick release swivel mount that can accommodate an 18″ or 24″ sign. The bottom of the sign sits 6′ ft off the ground and swivels independently of the umbrella pole. The best part is that FlaggerJoe is easy to use! The canopy can be removed with the push of a button, converting the system into a standard flagging device. The rolling base structure weighs 21 lbs and helps to keep the system upright. However, FlaggerJoe is not designed to be left unattended.

At FlaggerJoe, we’re committed to protecting flaggers from the sun and inclement weather. We welcome your questions, comments, or suggestions.

FlaggerJoe provides a multitude of safety features, including:

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